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Snack Amor

SnackAmor Quinoa Chips - (50g) | Achari Masala

SnackAmor Quinoa Chips - (50g) | Achari Masala

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From solo treks to family road trips, every mini-vacation you take requires an eclectic & crunchy munching partner that can quench all your on-the-go cravings. Our Quinoa Chips come with just the right amount of desi twist to satisfy all your munching cravings. 

Every moment of tea time can be cherished with good amounts of conversations with something as Achari & savory as these chips. Make all your special moments flavorful with Snack Amor’s quinoa Chips Achari Masala.

  • Goodness of Quinoa
  • Minimally Processed
  • Baked Not Fried
  • Protein Rich
  • No Maida
  • Healthful Snacking Habits!
  • To Meet An On-The-Go Craving
  • Perfect Mid-meal Snack For Your Family
  • Make Your Everyday Life More Flavorful

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