Health, Taste & Affordability

Snack Amor was founded in 2017 by Mr. Deepak Grover with a mission to change the 4pm Snacking culture of India by focusing on foods that can help people build immunity, replace meals, and manage their weight.
Snack Amor and has tie-ups with We Work, Reliance Retail, and Haiko. It Believes that Health, Taste and Affordability are the three main ingredients for Healthy Snacking.
Therefore, Snack Amor's target audience is diverse and ranges from a health-conscious millennial to a grown adult who believes in preventative healthcare.


Mr. Deepak Grover 

Deepak has over 15 years of experience in the food industry, It was during his stint at a food ingredient company  that Deepak stumbled upon a realization about the snacking industry in India – a market which, at that time, was dominated by the companies who managed to hold on to their customer base because of their affordability, but at the cost of health and nutrition. So Deepak decided to change the 4pm snacking culture of India and introduced Snack Amor to the indian market


To contribute to a Healthier India

We strongly believe that healthy eating leads to increased wellness and productivity and are looking to promote our offerings to people who believe in staying fit through healthy eating!
Our values: Uncompromising integrity, ethics, and compliance form the core of our actions. Customer and supplier needs are a driving force behind our business decisions and activities. We are serious about ensuring compliance towards safety, quality, health, environmental and responsible care procedures.

100% natural and minimally processed

Zero or low on Sugar, Salt, Trans fat
Baked not fried

Super Tasty!

Unique combination and mixtures of natural ingredients.
Variety of flavors for different palate - Chatpata, Sweet, Tangy, Fruity

Affordable pricing

Available in convenient pack size of 35 gram, 100 gram.
Manufactured in an ISO 22000 compliant facility.