Healthy midnight snacks for late night munching

Healthy midnight snacks for late night munching

People turn hungry out of boredom from long late nights and when hunger strikes we tend to eat anything that is ready to eat such as white bread and jam, chocolates, ice creams, sweets, fried snacks. This not only leads to obesity and also affects our health by increasing chances of inculcating chronic health issues which could adversely affect our metabolic health.

So instead of resigning ourselves to raiding the kitchen for whatever leftovers we can find and eating them by the light of the refrigerator, we have designed some super tasty and super healthy products for you to satiate your midnight hunger pangs.

1. Snack Amor’s Quinoa Puffs and Jowar Sticks

2. Snack Amor's Mini Health Bars and Protein Chikki Bars

3. Snack Amor's Nuts and Seeds

4. Snack Amor’s Trail Mix

We have to avoid eating pizza, burgers, candy, chips, sugary cereals and spicy food to lead a healthy life. It's OK to eat after dinner but choose foods with fiber, protein and healthy fat instead of sugary, greasy foods.

Snack Amor is your one-shop solution for healthy and tasty snacks to kill our hunger at night.

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