SnackAmor Tea Time Healthy Snacks
Quinoa Chips Achari Masala  from SnackAmor
Jowar Chips Chilli Chataka  from SnackAmor
Jowar Sticks Mint & Lime  from SnackAmor
Jowar Sticks Onion Masala  from SnackAmor
Quinoa Puffs Mint & Lime  from SnackAmor
Quinoa Puffs Onion Masala  from SnackAmor
Quinoa Puffs Tomato Masala  from SnackAmor
Jowar Sticks Tomato Masala  from SnackAmor

SnackAmor Tea Time Healthy Snacks

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Every day, after a light lunch, your healthy body craves for something that totally falls into the junk category. Fulfill these cravings with a filling & nourishing snack. Every day when a small burst of hunger takes place, unique flavors of Jowar Sticks And Quinoa Puffs - Onion Masala, Tomato Masala, and Mint & Lime. These are a delicious way to get a protective source of nutrients at any time of the day, whether at home or on the go.

Assorted Flavors in the pack includes:

Tomato Masala

Onion Masala

Mint & Lime

Achari Masala

Chilli Chataka

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