Our story

Our health deserves unconditional love! Snack Amor was born with a belief of  cultivating love for yourself, your family & friends and our environment with 'better for you' natural ingredients.

Our products are made with plant based ingredients for adding 'nutrient rich' self love to your 4PM snacking habit!
What we do

All our food comes straight from our farm to your fork: our Meat & Fish, fruit and vegetables from our Market Garden, bread from our Bakery, and cheese, milk and yoghurt from our Creamery.

When we don’t make a product on our farm, we source from local artisan suppliers we know and trust, and who share in our commitment to quality and sustainability. You can visit our farm to see for yourself how our gorgeous animals are kept, where our delicious vegetables are grown and how our mouth-watering food is produced.


We are one of the most sustainable farms in the country; growing, farming, producing and selling food according to our sustainable principles, and in harmony with the environment.

Above all, we believe that when people eat natural, organic food, they can taste the difference. It’s a chain of goodness that begins with healthy soil, and finishes with healthy animals and people.

Why choose Organic?

We’re dedicated to growing, producing and cooking seasonal, organic food. It must be fresh, and full of flavour, packed with the many vitamins and minerals that come from natural food, picked and eaten at its peak.

As part of a mission to reverse the industrialisation of our food and the pollution of the land that nurtures it, we practise organic, sustainable farming with far fewer pesticides and herbicides on our crops.