Snack Amor was founded by Deepak Grover with a mission to change the 4pm Snacking culture of India by focusing on foods that can help people build immunity, replace meals, and manage weight. We believe that health, taste and affordability are the three main ingredients for healthy snacking. Therefore, Snack Amor's target audience is diverse and ranges from a health-conscious millennial to a grown adult who believe in preventative healthcare.  deepak-gorver-snack-amor-ceo



Snack Amor has been established with a belief of cultivating love for self, family and environment with better for you natural ingredients! Unhealthy and junk snacking poses a big problem in our snack loving nation and around the world too. It is one of the key reasons along with sedentary lifestyle behind contributing to lifestyle diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular and such like. This led to the birth of Snack Amor, which literally stands for the love of snack! We at Snack Amor provide a credible and trustworthy platform to our customers and aim to offer a choice of tasty, healthy, affordable and natural products through our platform. We have been around for a few years now and the going has been great! We have several thousand happy and satisfied customers and this is just the beginning. We are now leveraging the power of digital technology and our aim is to make our products affordable and accessible to millions of people in India and around the world! Snack Amor is on a mission to solve this growing problem of junk snacking and contribute to a fit, happy and healthy India! Do try us out. We would love to hear your feedback!