These 5 Made-in-India food brands are eating into a market dominated by Lay’s, Cadbury, and others

These 5 Made-in-India food brands are eating into a market dominated by Lay’s, Cadbury, and others

As the clamour around Vocal for Local grows, SMBStory lists five Indian brands that are giving international brands like Lay’s, Cadbury, Nestle, and Magnum a run for their money.


Salt cravings in the evening typically lead you to a packet of Lay’s chips and it’s customary to break open a packet of Cadbury Dairy Milk when the sweet tooth demands “kuch meetha ho jaye”. And on sweltering days, you need a Magnum ice cream or a creamy Nescafe cold coffee. 

However, what is common between Lays, Cadbury, Nescafe and Magnum? It is the fact none of them are Indian and yet dominate the Indian market in their respective domains. 

With the voice around ‘Vocal for Local’ growing stronger day by day, SMBStory lists five Indian brands that are set to give these international players a run for their money.

Mumbai-based Snack Amor sells itself as a brand that lies “on the intersection of taste, affordability, and health”.

It was founded in 2017 by Deepak Grover, who has over 15 years of experience in the food industry, having worked with brands such as US-based Univar and The Netherlands-based Caldic.

During his stint at a food ingredient company in Europe, Deepak made a realisation about the snacking industry in India – then dominated by Lay’s, Britannia, and others. He realised that those companies managed to hold on to their customer base because of their affordability, but at the cost of health and nutrition.

Snack Amor goes back to the roots of Indian cooking, and looks for ways to make snacking healthier using ingredients easily found in an Indian kitchen. The company focuses on protein balance and gut health. 

“We play around with superfoods such as seeds, turmeric, millets, and almonds, among others," Deepak says. 

Snack Amor currently has 12 varieties of snacks, from Chatpata Supergrain Mix to Crispy Oats Tomatina, and plans to add 18 more variants by the end of the year.

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