SnackAmor High Protein Snack (Pack of 3 - 400g)
SnackAmor High Protein Snack (Pack of 3 - 400g)
SnackAmor High Protein Snack (Pack of 3 - 400g)
SnackAmor High Protein Snack (Pack of 3 - 400g)

SnackAmor High Protein Snack (Pack of 3 - 400g)

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Ready to eat snack bursting with exciting flavors. Made with Plant-based ingredients for adding nutrient-rich self-love to our 4 PM snacking habit.

Our health deserves unconditional love. Snack Amor was born with the belief of cultivating a love for yourself, your family, and the environment with " better for you" natural ingredients. Our munchies are wholesome, power-packed with nutrition, and offer a guilt-free snacking experience for all your in-between meal pangs and on-the-go cravings.

Mini Bars:- 

Our healthy bites are a perfect mix of 4 unique flavors to keep you healthy and energized. These crunchy and delicious bites are amazing as a mid-meal snack or pre-work-out munch and fit alike with morning runs or midnight cravings or simply keep in your bag and have them anytime anywhere on the go. 

Moringa Chikki Bars:- 

Our moringa chikki bar powers your day with nutrition and comes packed with the goodness of moringa. It is rich in proteins, dietary fiber, vitamin A, iron, zinc, and healthy polyunsaturated fats.

Chatpata Supergrain Mix:- The goodness of healthy grains and rich nuts is about to explode in your mouth. While this unique taste explodes, it will emit high energy and healthy nutrients for your body!

Make it your healthy breakfast with your morning cup of tea/coffee, or take it with you as your travel buddy. Make it a mandatory snack at a party or in your office.

Quinoa Pop

Full of fiber and mineral iron necessary for the transport of oxygen-rich red blood cells. 

Amarnath Puff

A unique partnership of protein and fiber. Besides, it is rich in minerals like manganese, phosphorous & iron.

Enriching Seeds

Watermelon seeds, flax, Pumpkin & Chia seeds that control BP, Cholesterol & blood sugar.


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